Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24, 2014

Okay. Well. This week has been crazy. So like I told you I had changes, and it was so super hard to leave Zacapa, everyone was crying and it was so sad!! I love the people there and its hard to accept that I might not see them ever again, but hopefully one day I will get to come back, plus there is always heaven haha. But as sad as I was to leave, I am so happy with my new area.

Okay so we meet up with some other hermanas that had been outside of the capital and we are talking and im like heck yes, I will get to just relax for two days because my comp will know the area and I wont and I wont really know what Im doing, but she will teach me. Well they come up to me and theyre like oh hey, Hermana Wilcoxen and Venegas (she has only ever been outside of the capital too) good thing you came together! You are comps opening an area. We were just like what?! haha. I was pretty nervous because neither of us know the capital at all nor any of the investigators or members or anything. We were pretty lost for the first couple of days, but we are getting a lot better and we understand it a little bit more now haha...I think.

But the area is called zona Bosques and we are in zona 4 mixco if you want to look it up. My ward is called Nueva Florida and yeah, its great! It is a really big ward and the members have already started giving us references (good thing because street contacting and knocking on doors isnt working super well haha) and now the women in the ward can start working with us because before it was only elders. There are also a heck ton of returned missionaries here, which is good because they are really excited about the work! Our area is huge and we share the ward with elders which is really different, but we will get used to it.
I hope you all have great weeks! Love you :)

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