Monday, February 24, 2014

Dear Family,

Well, I have decided that I want to study astronomy! haha. okay actually probably not because at BYU when i had to go watch some video about the stars, i just fell asleep because the seats were recliners and its all dark in there. but i kid you not, every single night i tell my comp how much i love the stars haha. Like when were walking I just look up at the stars and it always just reminds me of my purpose. Theres a God up there who made this all! And we are only away from Him for maybe 70 years and then we can be with Him again for the eternities, and thats what I want. For me, for my family, and for everyone (specifically the Guatemalans right now haha).

So here there are pacas and its basically clothes from the US, like Goodwills only better. I have boughten clothes from Banana Republic and Express and Puma and Reebok for like less than 5 dollars. Yuppp. Anyway, so I have seen a BYU shirt (2 actually) and an EFY shirt and then the other day a CTR shirt and we followed her becuase one we wre headed in that direction and two my comp wnated to see and she totally went into some other church (theres at least 5 churches on every street, not an exaggeration) and we wre like haha...thats ironic. reppin the mormon church at an evangelical church. I thought it was funny at least.

The other day we were contacting and it has gotten flipping hot here. And the lady let us in the house only because we are sweating so badly haha and we are talking to her and im not even kidding, sweat running down my face and my back and yeah, super fun but so we say a prayer with her and during the prayer I couldnt stop smiling! I was just thinking about the situation and this lady doesnt want to hear us at all and in a normal circumstance, youd think I would feel like uhhhh I just want to go to the house and sit in front of my fan but I was just so happy. I dont know what it is, well yes I do, its the gospel of Jesus Christ that makes me feel happy but it was a cool experience even though well nothing really happened.

Well, I am still loving it here! Things are going great and when theyre not I pray and I receive comfort and theyre great again haha. I am trying to work as hard as I can so that when I am back home in a year I have absolutely no regrets :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

OK folks, sorry I was so far behind.  Here are the last 4 blogs.


Hello All, 

Well this week was also another hard week haha. We honestly were like well...I dont want to give our dats to our zone leaders haha because theyll lbe like did you even work this week?! haha and were like WE TRIED! But seriously we were so blessed by Heavenly Father!!!! Like before Sunday we only had 6 lessons with members ( the standard of excellence is 20) and then we had 14 by the end of Sunday and we found 12 news this week which is exactly the standard and we had 17 other lessons (without members) and we had 18 and a half hours of looking (the standard is 18) and we were just like wow....there is a scripture I read this morning. I think it is Jacob 5:69 or something close to that and it says that the Lord works with His servants in His vineyard and it IS SO TRUE!!! He blessed us beyond what we thought and we still dont know how but we arent questioning it. I love this work so much, its not even funny. I will be hitting my 6 month mark this week and I am realizing how much time I dont have left to serve and it kind of makes me sad. But it just motivates me to work that much harder. 

We are still living with 4 sisters in one tiny little room so thats been interesting to adjust to haha but its all good now. Our dueno offered them other rooms to live in but they say we cant live instead of having our own separate rooms, we just have been living together for more than a week haha because they cant find another house. So we personally think they should just take the offer but they arent budging haha so yuppp. 

I love you all and hope that you had good Valentines day. Dont worry, a member gave us a dinner and some lady told me that she wanted me to be her daughter in law (I felt very uncomfortable) haha so yeah. and as Kelly said were not single, were just missionaries :p haha. love you all, have great weeks!!


Okay so something crazy happened this week. We were sitting with a family and my comp was about to give a pamphlet about the plan of salvation to a nonmember friend of theirs and when I looked at the folleto, I was like Hermana thats in english! dont give it to him! and she didnt hear me and asked me what i said so I looked at it again and I was like oh my gosh...thats in spanish. Like I understood it without thinking and my brain just thought that it was in english haha. So I think my spanish is really coming along!! Its a miracle.

This week was a pretty hard week. We felt like we were making a lot of good plans and then they would just fall. Like seriously one day we had plans to visit 12 people and not a SINGLE PERSON was home. Not one. or they were about to leave or something. not the investigators, not the members, not the less actives, not the people we had made set plans with. And then the other hermanas that are in our ward had to move out of their house and they didnt have another house to live in so they moved in with us for right now and theres a rule that missionaries cant share the same bed so right now we have four beds in our tiny room haha and its insanity right now and so we had to cancel a bunch of plans to help them move.

Its also jsut been a week of huge changes. We were in the best zone in the mission. It was the biggest and seriously, it was the best. But they decided to split it so now we only have 12 people in the zone when before we had 26 i think. and we have new zone leaders and a new district leader and yeah its been crazy but i think this week should be normalish haha. except the hermanas have to move out again.

We also had a baptism yesterday!!! Ronny is so awesome and will be such a strong member. We talked to a lady who lives in another ward and she isnt married and shes like wehn can i meet him? hahaha so we are taking her to our next appointment with him and were basically matchmakers haha. yup thats right.  love you all! have great weeks!!


So we got the announcement about changes last night and GUESS WHAT?! I AM STAYING HERE IN THIS AREA WITH MY COMPANION!!! WOOOOHHHH!!!! That means that I will be in the same area for at least 6 months haha. That also means that I will be in Zacapa for the hottest part of the year. My zone leader said he passed out five times during this season. So this should be interesting. At least I will get some good work on my tan :p and maybe my hair will be blonder!

This week we had a super awesome experience that is super special to me and so I hope that you guys can all appreciate it too! So we have an investigator who serioulsy is golden. He is getting baptized this Saturday. He ran into us on the street and asked us about church (i mightve told you about him), he lives like 20 minutes away but alsways makes time to come and meet us, he speaks FLUENT ENGLISH so when I dont know a certain word I just say it in english (its truly great), and he always reads, he loves wearing a white shirt and tie to church, he basically teaches us. Anyway. He didnt have any money to come and visit with us this week. So my companion told him that he should pray and that we would pray too that he could find a way to come and meet with us. So we did and then called him back laster and he said that some ladies had called to look at product and that if he sold at the least 20 that he would come. So we were like okay we know that you will be there we will meet you at 4 because we dont have a cellphone or anything. So we get there at 4 and lo and behold, there he is. Hes  like you will never geuess what happened. Three ladies came in and looked for like an hour so I thought I was going to make a ton of money...they only bought 20 worth of stuff!!!! So he got to come. He said he didnt even know how they got his number! Irt was a straight miracle from God and me and my companion could not stop smiling. It was an amazing moment and I know that God answers each and every one of our prayers, we just have to have the faith :)

Love you all, have great weeks!!


So to start out with super exciting news. I GOT TO SHAKE HANDS WITH ELDER COOK!!!!!!!! AHHHH! I was also sitting in the front row of seats right in front of the podium. AHHH! It was so incredible! I cant even describe the spirit that I felt when he was speaking to us! Like seriously. He explained to us about the process of how the choose where we will serve and it is so incredible. At the end he was talking about how for some ofus maybe there are things going on at home and maybe we think that we would be of better use there but he was like "you are where you ought to be". He pronounced a blessing on the people of central america to open their hearts and to bless us to feel that we are where we ought to be and to bless everyone that we love. There was so much power in that and I know that it was true. I love that we have real men on this earth right now who can tell us the will of the Lord. After that we had a really good lesson about the Restoration with an investigator and when we testified about prophets and aposotles it rang so much truer. I felt so much more confident in the lesson because I realized I dont know everything but thats okay because I was called by the Lord and if He has the confidence in me then I can do what He wants me to do.

We also have found a "golden" investiagtor and by that I actually mean he found us haha. Serioulsy. He approached me in the market one time because he used to go to a church but then had to move and then later he was driving by us and asked us what time church started and we had a lesson with him and he is so prepared its not even funny. He has a fecha for baptism the 9th of february. He is so awesome and we learn a lot from him.

We have been leaving with this kid who is 16 and his mom to teach him what the mission is like and it is so cool to see his excitement. It reminds me how I felt before and how I feel now. I love that the work just keeps on going.