Monday, April 21, 2014


Okay, so I just want to tell you about yesterday!! So we have this investigator who will get baptized on the 26th!! and he is so awesome. His name is Hugo and he has 20 years...okay thats spanish...hes 20 years old. But he has been coming to church but we needed someone to be his friend because well, yes, its just a necessity. So we stumbled upon this member family where every single member is a returned missionary and we had a family home evening with them! It was so amazing!!! The spirit was so strong and they taught the lesson so he could be friends with them more and also we had a less active recent convert who is 18 come with us and it was good for her too! And okay, it probably sounds dumb to you guys because typing it out doesnt make as much sense, but i promise you that afterwards, i couldnt stop smiling because it was just so great for him and her! And also, the rest of the day had been kind of bad, most of our citas fell and so we werent really able to work as much as we had planned but then it ended in that and it was so good! So get involved in the work and help the missionaries!!
This week is called Semana Santa and i think its mostly a Catholic thing but everyone who is christian celebrates it. Most people leave town for the whole week to go to the pools or the beaches and yeah. So its one of those weeks when people are like, well this week will be a bad week, but our zone leaders were like no. If you dont believe that this week will be a week of success, then you arent showing your faith, youre doubting. They prayed and received the revelation that we should find 18 new investigators this week. It was super cool because the spirit was there and I just know this week is going to be an awesome week and despite the fact that most people will be gone, we will have a lot of success, but we will have to rely on God so much this week! Well, every week we have to do that. I am just excited.

Well, not a whole bunch else happened that I can really think of, but I hope you all have some great weeks!!
Oh, I have decided that since we are all Gods children, God must be very stubborn because all of His children are haha, including myself, but seriously. He has got to be so stubborn haha.


Dear Family,

OH MY GOSH THIS WEEK WAS SO FLIPPING GOOD!!!! okay, ive calmed down, but it was. We had interviews with President and it was so amazing. I was able to be very open with him and I felt the Spirit so strongly afterwards. I know he is inspired of God. And then conference. Oh heck it was so good. If you guys chose not to watch it, I am practically pleading with you to go back and watch it online. It was so good. The talk by Elder Uchtdorf about us being eternal beings. It just makes so much since yet I had never thought of it like that at all. We are eternal beings. We are children of God. We knew all about this life before and chose to come here and we can all be together again after this life. Thats why its so important to use this time which leads to the next thing that i loved. This is our time!!! This is my time. Today and not tomorrow. Its incredible and I want to use my whole time on this earth to do whatever I can for the Lord. Ah, I am so excited haha. And then when President Monson almost straight up said that He saw God right there. Or at least thats what I think. So cool. Prophets and apostles are real guys.

I got sick this week and I didnt want to stay in the house so I slept until like 10 and then got up and had comp study and we left and visited bishop and a less active and the lady was like you have the look of death on your faith...haha so we came back to the house and i slept for another 3 hours and a nice couple in the ward brought me stuff to keep hydrated and it was so nice!! and then we left in the night to visit again!

We have two fechas right now and theyre both about the same person. Both young guys who have thier answers already, but are scared of baptism. I am super excited to show the power of God through our faith and our prayers. I cant wait for that moment when they overcome thier fears and just say okay. I have faith, I know its true. Lets go. Only in spanish obviously. I know itll happen, just need to be patient.

I hope you guys have great weeks and I love you all!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Okay. SO this week was a lot better because well, we actually know where we are...mostly. We still get lost every now and then but not every single day for hours like before. Having actual directions is super nice. In zacap it was like...oh the house on the corner then you pass the dog and then theres a store and then theres some old guy that you can ask for me haha so yes.

Also, as a sidenote. I dont know whats gotten into me, but lately I have started liking doing the dishes and making my bed. I dont know what it is. Maybe liking is an exagerration on making the bed but you know, I do it and I dont like leaving it unmade anymore...I know...theres something wrong with me.

Okay so last night, our last cita of the week was so awesome!!! So this guy used to be a jehovahs witness and so we were like idk if this family will progress but they were nice so we put another cita and yeah. we show up last night (it had been a week) and this guy had read until ALMA in the bom!!! ALMA!! I have never read that much of the bom in that short amount of time. and he was like it impacted me a lot and i really like it and im going to keep reading it. We have an appointment with them on Tuesday. I am so excited. This area has so much potential and we have found some awesome investigators!!!

Just so you know, my car is all over this country. Like I see it all the time and every time I just remember that its not my car. But thats okay. And someone told me our last name is from the indian tribe sioux. So thats exciting.

Tell Grandma Sandy I said happy birthday! Also, i dont know when the temple open house is going to be but you guys need to go when it happens!! And also GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEK!!! woohhooo! everyone go watch it. mom, ken, dad, steph, anyone who reads this. watch it. itll be great. go in with a question and it will get answered!!

I might have to move again. I hate moving so much haha.

Last story. Here, theres guatemalan time which is an hour later. We had a baptism that was supposed to start at 5 and started at 6 haha but the thing is the Spirit was so strong that it didnt even matter! This girl was so prepared. Apparently she came into the church one sunday and said im not a member but i would like to know how to become one. When we taught her the word of wisdom she was like oh i used to drink 8 glasses a day but then my boyfriend explained to me the dangers of i stopped. We were like...alright then haha. but shes great.

Love you all! have great weeks!