Monday, April 7, 2014

Okay. SO this week was a lot better because well, we actually know where we are...mostly. We still get lost every now and then but not every single day for hours like before. Having actual directions is super nice. In zacap it was like...oh the house on the corner then you pass the dog and then theres a store and then theres some old guy that you can ask for me haha so yes.

Also, as a sidenote. I dont know whats gotten into me, but lately I have started liking doing the dishes and making my bed. I dont know what it is. Maybe liking is an exagerration on making the bed but you know, I do it and I dont like leaving it unmade anymore...I know...theres something wrong with me.

Okay so last night, our last cita of the week was so awesome!!! So this guy used to be a jehovahs witness and so we were like idk if this family will progress but they were nice so we put another cita and yeah. we show up last night (it had been a week) and this guy had read until ALMA in the bom!!! ALMA!! I have never read that much of the bom in that short amount of time. and he was like it impacted me a lot and i really like it and im going to keep reading it. We have an appointment with them on Tuesday. I am so excited. This area has so much potential and we have found some awesome investigators!!!

Just so you know, my car is all over this country. Like I see it all the time and every time I just remember that its not my car. But thats okay. And someone told me our last name is from the indian tribe sioux. So thats exciting.

Tell Grandma Sandy I said happy birthday! Also, i dont know when the temple open house is going to be but you guys need to go when it happens!! And also GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEK!!! woohhooo! everyone go watch it. mom, ken, dad, steph, anyone who reads this. watch it. itll be great. go in with a question and it will get answered!!

I might have to move again. I hate moving so much haha.

Last story. Here, theres guatemalan time which is an hour later. We had a baptism that was supposed to start at 5 and started at 6 haha but the thing is the Spirit was so strong that it didnt even matter! This girl was so prepared. Apparently she came into the church one sunday and said im not a member but i would like to know how to become one. When we taught her the word of wisdom she was like oh i used to drink 8 glasses a day but then my boyfriend explained to me the dangers of i stopped. We were like...alright then haha. but shes great.

Love you all! have great weeks!

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