Monday, October 20, 2014

Oct 13

Well. It is a change week! Ugh how I hate change weeks. They make me so nervous! But so my companion is leaving....which means I am here in this gigantic area that I still dont know by myself. But thats okay. I will live and figure it out. It also means that I am the senior companion and have to teach the new hermana how to be hermana I need to figure out how to be hermana leader by tomorrow haha. just kidding. i know how, but like I wouldve liked a little more time to adjust, but I think my companion is going to be training so I am happy for her. BUT you know what this means?? I could have two more changes as hermana leader and then they could take me down to be a trainer for my last change! I hope so so much! I would love to end training because well then I wouldnt be baggy. I would be able to focus even more. I am going to tell my president about this.
So this week we had a miracle on Monday. This lady has a sister and mom and stepdad that all got baptized recently and she was getting taught by the missionaries but then said were too dramatic haha for the coffee and so she ddint want to get baptized. she came to conference and we had a lesson and asked her toget baptized and boom she was like yeah. and we asked her to a fecha and she said yes. it was out of nowhere but it was awesome! its pretty hard to teach her because she has two kids and theyre always screaming and running around haha but you know thats okay. we will figure it out.
my comp is sick. she has dengue. she has a fever and a huge pain in her body. i feel so bad for her! well in the moment, i know lots is happening here, but well i cant remember all that much. OH!!!! I got to go back to my first area in zacapa!! i had divisions there and it was so awesome because i actually speak and understand spanish now so i could talk to them all. and all the pregnant ladies now have their cute little babies. awww it was so great. but yeah i will try to send photos.
love you all! have great weeks! ill try not to be stressed out :) haha love you all!
Oct 6

Dear Family,

Okay so last week I was in such a rush that I COMPLETELY forgot to tell you guys that general conference was this weekend! I hope that you mom watched it and Steph and dad I have a couple talks that I want you guys to look up online. On my part, I loved it!! I am very sad that it is over. I just love the prophet and all those men so much! And I loved that they get to say it in their own language now! I heard one of the spanish ones in spanish and it was super cool! Everything is just far more powerful in the language in which it was originally given. I learned a lot and received answers to my questions. So watch some of them! Especially that David A Bednar one from the Sunday evening session and from the same session Elder Ballard and from saturday morning session the one by President Uchtdorf!!

So everyone and their cat is sick here right now. I dont know why. Not a single member could leave with us this week. It was pretty sad, BUT so one night we were like out of ideas so we thought we could go visit a recent convert and when we get there, his mom tells us that he has been sick for 4 days with a super high fever, hes not eating because he just pukes everything up. They are a humble family and had already done tests in the hospital that resulted in nothing. His mom was worried and just started to cry. So we called around trying to get someone to come give him a blessing and no one could. So we got permission to go buy some stuff from the pharmacy for him, so we left and as we are walking there, we run into a member! We were like HERMANO JAMES!!! we need your help! It was just a huge testament to me that God is watching out for every single one of His children. He loves us :)

And quick question...are the coke bottles personalized in the states too right now?

Sep 29

So I dont have a ton, a ton of time. Because were going to the capital today and its a 3 hour drive and the bus leaves in like 40 minutes and yeah...sothey cut this time a little. 

But let me guys just tell you, I absolutely love my zone! Like they are all so amazing! Our zone leaders have a lot of faith and are very humble and are trying to help the zone as much as possilbe. OUr pdays are always super fun! We have the guy who was the assistent to the president in my district which was intimidating at first haha but not anymore. Every single missionary that we have is just super amazing. They all try to be super obedient and work hard and I am so happy here! We are seeing miracles. Every Friday we share a miracle that we saw during the week and it makes me so happy seeing the miracles that are happening to them! And with us. Theyre also super fun! theres an hermana in our zone that says she has a gift to know what spirit animal we are. apparently i am a baby cheetah hahaha. what?! but yup, thats what i am. my companion is a chinchilla!

To explain districts are a group of missionaries that are close together in proximity and zones are usually 2 or 3 districts. and they depend on where you are. And we meet together every monday, wednesday, and friday!

So we have seen a lot of miracles. Weve been finding lots of families. And on Sunday we went to two citas that were supposed to be super secure but they both fell and we were like we went to contact a reference that we had received and we met this guy who recently got married and so we went to get to know his wife too. turns out that they have been trying to decide what chrch to go to because he is evangelical and she is catholic. i lthink evangelical is non denominational christion in the states but im not sure. and anyway so we teach them about the restoration of the church and how God only has one church and all of that. In the first vision of Joseph Smith we felt the spirit so strong and the wife too. at the end we asked if they wanted to get baptized and he was like yeah. and then  his wife like kind of made a face and he was like yeah? haha it was kind of funny but she just needs to learn more. she felt the spirit and she will figure it out soon enough. 

We had the womens conference and i LOVED it! Mom, you need to watch it if you havent because it was incredible! and for the first time like ever we received cincho from a leader haha. but yeah, i love you guys and i hope that you have great weeks! happy fall! enjoy the weather for me haha :) 

Sep 22

Okay. Where to begin? Where to begin? Well first of all. I have 13 months. WHAT?! okay. now that leads to my next statement. because i have 13 months, all of my nice comfy shoes are broken. so much so that literally everyone and their brother was like oh need new shoes. thats awful. thank you, thank you. a family invited me over to their house and gave me their daughters shoes haha. awkward, but also nice because i didnt have to buy any. but because people were giving me shoes...they hurt me because i wasnt used to them. so ive gone my whole mission without problems in my feet and now im having problems...after a year.

so my companion and i have high goals for ourselves. were in the how are we going to acheive it phase. and i think we found our answer. theres a city that is 45 minutes from where we usually work that has never been visited by missionaries. ever. and we went there and we just felt so happy! like the spirit telling us...these people are ready. we have a plan (because its so far away) to look first for people with cars and then when theyre members, we will have people who can drive our investigators without cars to church! its genius...i know :p but its from the Spirit, not us. so im not being prideful, i just get excited haha. 

I am loving being able to do divisions! getting to know the hermanas is so exciting and being able to gain their trust and help them out...i love it! maybe ill be a counselor when i get back! we shall see. i had my first division in my area on thursday and i didnt get lost...a single time. i was so proud of myself. our area is huge!! we cover until the border with honduras and were always taking buses, so it was a miracle.

also i received a lovely letter from ainee (i will write back :)) and i realized i used words that maybe people who dont have family on missions dont understand. so to explain division is this. there are always companionships, but we as hermana leaders do divisions with them once a month, which means that i go with one of the hermanas and her companion goes with my companion. we work either in her area or my area. and we do it so that we can see if theyre having problems, if their being obedient, or just to help them be animated if theyre feeling down, or show them different ways to do some of the things. so yes.

i hope you all have great weeks :) love you!

Sept 15

Dear Family,

Wow, okay, I am EXHAUSTED!!!! Like i thought i was before, but no. This week we did two divisions (I went to other areas and worked there all day long). Im exhausted haha, but thats okay. I love it. Its also super weird not being in the area that much, tomorrow I am leaving again. Then on Thursday my companion is leaving and Im the one staying here. Ahh I am super nervous because our area is huge, it goes until the border of Honduras...Like in a bus we can travel for an hour and still be in our area. So i am a little nervous, but itll be okay haha. 

Okay so I learned this week how much simple little things can be such a blessing to otehrs. That we can serve them by doing very little. On Tuesday we had interviews with President and the elders were hungry but they couldnt leave and it was lunch time and we were already done so we offered to buy them subway. Well, then all of the elders decided they wanted subway so we bought 10 sandwiches and we head back to the capilla and were like OH NO! We hadnt thought about President and Hermana Crapo and we felt so bad. So we get there and tell them that and they thought it too and so they were like here, just take our sandwiches and tell them its a gift, so we did and HErmana Crapo started crying. Like right there. She was like thank you so much! This is what the mission is about, service and obedience. She took pictures with us all and the subway and put it on instagram haha. It was just so cute and it made me see how small acts make the days of other people and that we should always be looking for them. So maybe its not that cool of a story for you guys, but shes just so cute haha and I love Hermana Crapo.

So the other day in a consejo de lideres, one of the assistants was like okay, what does it mean to you to be a representative of Christ and we all answered and he was like okay. Everything we do, we do in the name of Christ. When you break a rule, you do it in the name of Christ. When you are disobedient, when you sin, you do it in the name of Christ. And I was like ...oh my gosh...its true. We always think of the good things, but also all of the bad things too. It really made me think and I have even more drive now to complete everything with exactness. 

Lots of stuff is happening in the area, we are seeing miracles everyday and I am loving it :) Love you gusy! Have great weeks!