Monday, February 24, 2014

Dear Family,

Well, I have decided that I want to study astronomy! haha. okay actually probably not because at BYU when i had to go watch some video about the stars, i just fell asleep because the seats were recliners and its all dark in there. but i kid you not, every single night i tell my comp how much i love the stars haha. Like when were walking I just look up at the stars and it always just reminds me of my purpose. Theres a God up there who made this all! And we are only away from Him for maybe 70 years and then we can be with Him again for the eternities, and thats what I want. For me, for my family, and for everyone (specifically the Guatemalans right now haha).

So here there are pacas and its basically clothes from the US, like Goodwills only better. I have boughten clothes from Banana Republic and Express and Puma and Reebok for like less than 5 dollars. Yuppp. Anyway, so I have seen a BYU shirt (2 actually) and an EFY shirt and then the other day a CTR shirt and we followed her becuase one we wre headed in that direction and two my comp wnated to see and she totally went into some other church (theres at least 5 churches on every street, not an exaggeration) and we wre like haha...thats ironic. reppin the mormon church at an evangelical church. I thought it was funny at least.

The other day we were contacting and it has gotten flipping hot here. And the lady let us in the house only because we are sweating so badly haha and we are talking to her and im not even kidding, sweat running down my face and my back and yeah, super fun but so we say a prayer with her and during the prayer I couldnt stop smiling! I was just thinking about the situation and this lady doesnt want to hear us at all and in a normal circumstance, youd think I would feel like uhhhh I just want to go to the house and sit in front of my fan but I was just so happy. I dont know what it is, well yes I do, its the gospel of Jesus Christ that makes me feel happy but it was a cool experience even though well nothing really happened.

Well, I am still loving it here! Things are going great and when theyre not I pray and I receive comfort and theyre great again haha. I am trying to work as hard as I can so that when I am back home in a year I have absolutely no regrets :)

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