Monday, March 24, 2014


oh wow. so there is so much to say and no time to say it all. needless to say when i get prepared to listen to me talk for 3 straight months haha.


well first off...i have changes. i am going to the capital :( everybody wants to come here and im leaving and going there...but thats okay. i already cried with my comp. weve made plans for me to come to honduras one day so that we will see eachother again. and of course for our weddings. obviously. but i am really sad. i love the people here, its all i know of guatemala and some of them are like family. its going to be a rough two days and leaving and not coming back will probs break my heart, but one day i will come back. one day.


we had Elder Ochoa come and visit us and our zone and two other zones but we were in the capilla from 7 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. #onlyonthemission would i ever be in the chapel for 9 hours straight hahaha. but it was INCREDIBLE!! serioulsy has changed my mission. he told us to be bold and to have faith and to have confidence in our calling. that we have this authority. what is the reason for everything we do? baptize and retain. should we be afraid to call people to repentance? no, its our calling and we are only doing it for their salvation. serioulsy the next day we were so bold with the people. like we are representatives of Jesus Christ...what we say is what Christ would say. we invited 6 people to baptism and ahhh it was so cool because the spirit is so much stronger when we do that!


we found some amazing people! we taught the restoration and we invited them to baptism and the husband was like si, yes haha. and then we asked his wife and she was like well ive been baptized twice already and before we could even explain her husband was like but not with the authority. we were just like yessss haha. it was so cool because he really got it! and of course they ahve a major desafio of their jobs on sunday but my comp and her new companion will work with them on that! i have a lot of hope for them! 


love you all and talk to you later! have watching final four!

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