Monday, March 24, 2014


So last week we found this less active family and we have started visiting them. There are three different sets of the same family living in two different houses and some of them are members, some of them arent and there are always people running around when were there because like 20 people live there haha BUT my point is this. We met one of the 18 year old kids who lives there and we started talking to him and anyway we are working with him right now. so the last lesson we had we had prayed that we could have the spirit with us to know what to say to him and in the lesson i asked him if he wanted to follow Christ and honestly i wasnt expecting it to be a question for real because everyone is always like yeah of course but he was like i dont know. so i asked him if he believed that Christ loved him and he was like i dont know. and it was so honest and blunt and i felt so much compassion for him because i dont know how i could live without that knowledge. we told him that we know its weird that some kids your age are teaching you about Christ and that this time of life is super confusing because we dont know what we want but we were like please just trust us for a little bit and i promise you wont regret it (actually i havent figured out how to say regret in spanish yet). but it was such a good lesson for us because we figured out his need and i really hope that he can just trust us and i know that he will be able to find the love of Christ that he needs.

I am so so so grateful for Christ. I have no idea what it was like for Him but in the mission i get the chance to experience a tiny part of what He felt and what He suffers for the people that He loves because we all mess up yet He continues to love us. It is amazing to have that kind of love for someone, hard, but amazing. These people, all I want is for them to be happy and when they refuse to accept it, it hurts, it really does, but i am just growing in my love for Him and all that He has suffered for my stupidity and that He still continues to love me and all of you guys for it.

This week we helped build a mud house!!!! WHAT?! haha. it was pretty fun. and correction, we only made the blocks...he needs 850 and pobrecito still only has like 250 but we helped him moake like 105 blocks. this kid is 17 and married and he works so hard! thats something i love about the people here, they work really hard!!

i hope you all have great weeks!! love you!

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