Monday, December 23, 2013

Please send Ashtin Letters!!!!!

If you want to send anything else she would like pictures and of course food. But mostly she is starving for LETTERS. Thank you.

Current Address:
Hermana Ashtin Wilcoxen
Mision Guatemala Este
Apartado Postal 951-A
Guatemala, Guatemala C.A.
So this week the ward had a reenactment of the birth of Christ and the girl who was going to play Mary left the city that guess who got to play Mary? Me. Only because I am blonde. We dont even know if she was blonde for goodness sake haha. It was slightly embarassing, I wont lie, but it was fun. I also found out that day that the next day I had a talk in sacrament...haha. So I woke up early on Sunday morning and wrote that. I talked about how much of a miracle Christ is in our lives. Without Him, there is no point. Life would be pointless. I love thinking about Him through Marys eyes. He had a family. Im sure that it broke His heart to see His mother in pain, watching her son, who had done nothing wrong, suffer and be persecuted. I am infinitely grateful for Him and all taht He was wililng to do.
We had a cool experience this week. My comp decided that to gain the confidence of the leaders we should go to their houses early in the morning and give them service. So we planned for the RS President and bishop. But the morning we were going to the bishops house, I just couldnt stop thinking about the RS President so we decided to swithc the days. Turns out the day we went to her house, her and her mom said taht lately they havent had the animation to do anything lately and it was good to have someone make them do something. And the bishop told us taht the day we went, he almost called us to help his family out that day, but he was too embarassed to. Its amazing how the Lord guides every aspect of this work.
We had a zone activity for Christmas and we watched the movie planes. IT WAS SO CUTE! haha. and also the last movie I will watch for a year. But the conference was good. We visited an asylum for elderly people and sang to them and the message President Watts gave was an answer to my prayers. For Christmas we have plans with several members and an investigator who we randomly found who felt bad for us so she invited us over for lunch haha. 
I hope you all have great Christmases :)
Dear Family,
So this week we had changes and I have a new comp! Hermana Munoz from Honduras. She is so awesome!! I am learning a ton from her but she is also really fun. I am really looking forward to this change! Hermana Reyes leaving was hard, but luckily I got a super awesome comp. The first couple of days were very different for me because only I know the area, so I had to plan everything by myself for a while which was hard, but we got through it haha.
This week I found out that I have a long lost daughter I dont remember having. We were at a members house and we were talking outside and this little blonde blue eyed little girl comes around the corner crying for her mom and I asked who she belonged to and the member was like I dont know. So we tlaked to the girl and she stopped crying and just sat with us...I was there for about a half hour and no one showed up for I dont know really what happened with that. We decided the only logical explanation is that she is my daughter haha.
Yesterday we had like a church miracle! It was the primary presentation, which is always super cute! But we had almost 50 more people there than usually are there. A bunch of less active members came. One lady who hasnt come for two months came with a non member friend who is interested in the church! We had two of our investigators there. It was just a super awesome day! All of the recent converts were there. Such a good day!
The Lord answers our prayers! I have said this about a million times I think, but thats because its true. This week I had no idea what to do, so I just prayed that the Lord would help me through it and we were able to work every day and visit members and contact, and it was great! 
For Christmas here they set off fireworks like all the time. Like at 6 this why are you even up at that time? But yeah. Tomorrow we are having a missionary Christmas activity and we get to watch a movie, possibly Tangled although I doubt it because Hermana Watts says that we cant watch a movie with a kiss because we will get baggy haha.
Anyways, love you all! Have great weeks! I will talk to you in like a week! Yay!

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