Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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Ashtin got some Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving

Hello dearest family!

So "winter" has offically hit Zacapa. And by winter I mean its like the very very very beginnnig of fall for for us. It is SO nice except for the cold showers now are not very nice haha. They are just cold. I kid you not though, its like it has snowed here because the people are legitimately wearing winter coats in the night and I have seen a couple of winter hats...thought of Kelly haha. All these hipsters...haha.

The ward has started a consejo de barrio which I think is ward council in english haha. But I am SO excited for it because the attendance at church has been slowly decreasing and we need to do something. I really think that this is going to help them a ton as they start working together as leaders and start focusing on how to help the other members.

 So I kid you not...I think I am just meant to be a marriage counselor haha. We had another couple this week who during our first visit just openend up and told us all of their marriage problems and everything, everything that is going on. And then two days ago some guy was like what church are you guys from? like in the middle of the street and jsut started talking about how his wife is mad at him and what not...Good thing I took that marriage prep class ;)

We had a very interesting lesson this week haha. So a ton of people here are evangelical and there is a less active member who we are visting because we are kind of teaching her non member husband. Well they are both evangleicals and during our lesson where we are explaining the importance of both the Bible and the Book of Mormon they start like randomly shouting like halleluigha and praise the Lord and what not. At one point she starts like banging on her Bible and is like forgive me but this is what I believe and at one point was like on her knees and then they both started singing....I was just like oh goodness. It was all I could do to not laugh haha. We just ended it by bearing our testimony of what we know to be true and that they dont have to agree but we cant deny what we know haha.

I hope Thanksgiving was good for you guys! I hope that we can all be thankful for Gods hand in our lives. I am realizing even more now how much God has guided my life. From where I lived, to my friends, to what room I chose to live in at BYU, to my classes. Everything. It is so crazy to think about but He really directs our lives, especially when we are trying our hardest to do His will. LOVE YOU ALL :)

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