Friday, December 13, 2013

Please send Ashtin Letters!!!!!
If you want to send anything else she would like pictures and of course food.  But mostly she is starving for LETTERS. Thank you.
Current Address:
Hermana Ashtin Wilcoxen
Mision Guatemala Este
Apartado Postal 951-A
Guatemala, Guatemala C.A.
Dear Family,

I am so jealous of your snow...our cold weather is completely gone and I am back to sweating as a habit again haha.

So the mission has standards of excellence and this week we met a lot of them which was so exciting! They are really focused in on getting 18 hours of looking every week, which doesnt sound like a lot but its three hours a day, and we have other lessons and also random reunions and so much stuff to do but we got our 18 hours. Plus an extra half hour and it was so great! President Watts was  like if I told you that if you got your 18 hours, I would give you $1,000,000 I gaurantee all of you would have 18 plus. Now I am saying that this is revelation from God to save His children in this mission...will you get your 18 hours_ and I was like...okay...yeah. I feel so bad for not getting them before. So we were really happy to meet our goal this week! (I cant figure out the question mark so _ is a question mark)

We have cambios this week so I am getting a new comp Wednesday :o I will let you know next week who it is!

So we have to use the buses here a lot and we have taken to talking to all the bus drivers. As a side note, contacting on the bus is my favorite because they cant run away haha. But anyway, so we have made a couple of friends with the bus drivers here and its so nice because theres this relatively large hill in front of our house and twice now one of our frineds has seen us and driven us to the top free of charge. And we were late to an appointment one day and the driver went out of his route and didnt pick up any more passengers to get us there on time! We paid him more of course, but it was so nice!

 We have a couple of new investigators who are so awesome! They accepted the baptismal invitation and I was so happy! The granddaughter works on Sundays so we are trying to work through that right now, but we will see what happens :)

As a part of the Relief Society, we are performing a pioneer dance and me and another hermana had to teach them all the pioneer dances haha. It is a lot of fun!

Final thing, President Watts told us we need to be more bold so I have been trying to do that, and it brings the Spirit so strongly! Not only that but everytime I declare what I know to be true and dont fear that they are going to be offended or what not, my testimony grows infinitely stronger and it is amazing! I encourage everyone to not be afraid to share what you know! Love you all! Have great weeks!

P.S. If anyone was wataching the Christmas devotionall...the little boy who winked at the girl during the song hahahaha. I was dying.




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