Monday, November 4, 2013

Sorry, I forgot to post Ashtins Blog last week.  Thought I had, getting old, memory is the second thing to go ... I don't recall what the first thing is.  Anyway, I'm posting todays and last weeks.

Wow do I have SO much to say. First could you please send me some pictures of Carthage jail that I took from my computer? Thanks!! 

So the most important thing is that we totally had a miracle occur this week!!!! So we were fasting for the area that we could find people who were ready for the gospel because none of our investigators were progressing. So one night there was a ton of weird lightening. Like sky lightening every five seconds and it was crazy so I was thinking about how awesome God is how He can do whatever and I was silently praying and I asked how I could help Him and find His children and while Im in this thought we pass a door and I just get the thought...that house. Well its dark and we usually dont tract when its dark but we decided to anyways and we found a family and they invited us in. And we talk with them for a bit and they dont go to church but they have super strong faith which is hard to find here. Everyone is either evangelical or Catholic. Well after a while we aske if they have questions and the aunt Kenzie is like did you find us? It turns out she had gone to a baptismal service of our district leaders the other day because her niece wanted to go in the chapel so they did and they both cried. And she has a friend in the church so she thought that the missionaries somehow found her and she had wanted to go to church but she couldnt the next sunday. So anyway we were both like...woah. No, we just knocked on your door. It was a total miracle form God! And yeah, I was so grateful that the Lord helped us out in that one. And the aunt and niece came to church :) My first investigators at church! It was so great!

On a non spiritual note. There are stores here that get clothes from the US and they sell them for dirt cheap, like almost brand new so I am going to look. Like a girl found new Sperrys for $4...I dont even want to talk about how upsetting that was to find out when I paid what I did haha. But I know now.

I am so grateful now for my family and friends, like seriously. They had a holiday hre and I saw everyone with their families and I am just so grateful that I have so many great supporters who I get to come home to eventually :)

I cracked my head on this table the other day and it was bleeding and I had to wear a bandaid to keep in from getting dirty..that was embarassing and now I am just hoping to not have a scar haha.


Ash practicing for Miss Indiana/Miss Guatemala, LOL

Ash and her companion

Hello Family!

haha okay that was a really awkward beginning. also i found out yesterday that another one of my awkward talents is that I am awkward when I am trying to talk on the phone in spanish. I mean we all know that phone convos can be awk in general but then when its in another language...haha. Well, that part of my personality hasnt changed.

Yesterday was a super great day. It couldve been bad if we wouldve let ourselves get down but we didnt! Not a single one of our investigators showed up to church and one has a baptism date that we now have to move. And the wards attendance is slowly lowering week by week because they are all going through hard tiems and there is very little fellowship within the ward. So we had all of our plans for yesterday but we changed them a little bit and visited a lady in the ward who is feeling down and it is so good. When I jsut listen and dont try to translate, i understand so much more! And her husband died like a long time ago but to hear her talk about him is so sweet and she really has an eternal perspective that is just awesome. And we gave her the task of becoming friends with some of the siters in teh ward to animate this ward. We can do it. We ended up having two lessons with a member and giing out 5 books of Mormon which we honestly didnt think would happen and it was great just how the Lord led the day.

We found a couple of girls the otehr day who are so ready for teh gospel. like after our initial visti we asked wehn we could return and she said every single day haha. but then seh introduced us to her boyfriend and has been acting a bit odd so we shall see. but the Lord will prevail, not some  boy of one month haha. Jk. that sounds super bad or sacrilege or soemthing but I just want whats best for her. 

Love you all, hope youre having a good week!

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