Monday, November 25, 2013

So yesterday at church the bishop of the ward gave an AMAZING talk on faith. Like I felt the Spirit so much, and I am so grateful for the bishop of this ward. The ward is not a full ward. Like the bishop has no counselors, only him. There are presidents for relief society and young womens and primary, but thats pretty much it. We are trying to help out the leaders to reanimate this ward, but I know it cant be easy for this ward. But his talk was about how we can never have a testimony of anything unless we try it, unless we do it. like the word of wisdom or reading our scriptures. He said that we sometimes are given callings and we wonder if we can complete them, but the Lord gave it to us, so of course we can. No matter what happens in life, the Lord knows we can do it. 

We have been finding a lot of investigators who I think have a great potential to progress, which has been a huge blessing!! I am very excited to see how everything turns out with them all and to see how they progress :)

I was thinking Hermana Reyes was going to get changed in the middle of my trainig but shes not and I am SO HAPPY!!

Also, there is amember here who I just love. She comes from a very, very difficult situation but she always goes out with us to visit people and has the strongest testimony. She is the person who loves the gospel because she has hope for a better world after this one. She is amazing and I hope to have faith like hers someday. 

Love you all, hope you have great weeks :)

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