Wednesday, September 25, 2013

so last sunday this guy in church spoke about how in psychology he learned that our brains form a natural sentiment to our native language and its so true! like wehn the latinos try to speak english to me, i like them that much more. my point is that i hope i develop those same feelings towards spanish and also hopefully the people feel the same way about me trying to speak their language. hopefully. although this one latina we were role playing with in our feedback said you need to learn spanish to make your lessons better...haha so that was awesome. a real confidence boost for sure.


weve had some super great lessons lately. like there was a day when we had like 3 lessons (a lot for us in the ccm) and seriously the spirit just guided all of them. like we went in with a plan and one of the lessons went totally off subject but it just worked and it was what the investigator needed to hear. and then the other one he tried to like take off course and we were like nope and got in a really good lesson that he needed. it was so awesome!! hna windsor and i work really well together so i really like our lessons. we started teaching a norte district and they pretend to be someone and i pretend to be someone and its really cool because its one on one and i learn new ways to teach and also i learn how to teach by myself because somoetimes i rely too much on hna windsor because if i dont know it, she will so this way i have to know it all so thats cool.


funny story. there was this super flirty latino elder here last week and the teachers were all mad but anyway he was like into this girl in my district and my teacher found out and we found out like this week that the reason the guy stopped talking to her is because our teacher todl him that if he ever saw him even say hola to her, he would kill him hahahhaahah. it was quite funny.


also, the viejos left and one of them took my flipflops...not an important thing haha but jsut thought id inform you. also a girl in my district likes playing golf so she made golf clubs out of snicker bars and a mop handle and we played mini golf during deportes time haha, it was a lot of fun!


im sorry theres not more to say. I ONLY HAVE SIX DAYS LEFT!!! so i wont be writing at all next week but ill be in the field. im freaking out a tad haha but im also jsut super excited. i mightve shared this last week but psalms 46 10 says be still and know that i am God and its really helped me because all the things im afraid of in the field...dont matter, God knows what Hes doing if i just trust. its like im leaving for my mission all over again though. love you all!!

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