Tuesday, September 3, 2013

ATTENTION: New Address for Ashtin

Hermana Ashtin Wilcoxen
Mision Guatemala Este
Avienda Reforma 8-60 Zona 9
Edificio Galerias Reforma
Torre 2 Nivel 5 Oficina 505
Guatemala, Ciudad
Guatemala CA

(and on packages make sure you write Hermana Ashtin Wilcoxen really big)

This is what she had to say this week:
HEY GUYS!!  so today i cant figure out the enter button so bear with me. anyways first things first. i have the address...i think its the same but maybe not. ill put periods where its a new line. hermana ashtin wilcoxen. mision guatemala este. avenida reforma 8-60 zona 9.
edificio galerias reforma. torre 2 nivel 5 oficina 505. guatemala, ciudad. guatemala ca. and on packages make sure you put my name hermana ashtin wilcoxen really big, its the best way to get through customs. so i feel like ive been here for years and then its like wow, time is flying. week 2 is already done. we go to walmart tomorrow so thats nice. i have a couple things i need to pick up, plus itll be nice to leave the gates haha. we started teaching our teachers who are pretending to be investigators and boy has it been humbling haha. i thought it would be easy to just come in here and teach away...nope. and i wish i could blame it all on the language barrier but i cant. i am trying to stay positive though and its working. i know itll just take time. one of my teachers todl us that we need to develop love for the investiagtors or i wont be of any use and so that night i prayed for charity for everyone my investigators, futrue investigators, companions, and the people here and the next day was so much better. i really loved the people i taught and i was walking around saying hi to everyone being obnoxioulsly happy and it was great. so theres this stuff here called sleeping grass and when you touch it IT FOLDS UP...needless to say its so super cool and also ive learned to appreciate the little things in life. like seeing a bride walk out of the temple. we convinced our teacher (who is engaged) to wait outside the temple to see her haha.
so the language is kind of coming along slowly but surely. i can usually get my point across but one time in class we were all complaining about the language and this teacher was like no. try learning english. the words word, ward, war, world. THEYRE ALL THE SAME and were like ....no theyre not haha. so yeah. were learning to try not to be as big of babies about it haha. ive officially gotten my first tan line, its awesome. yesterday was sunday and it was so awesome. like an enntire day just to be spiritually uplifted. we watch a lot of movies and devotionals and have firesides. we watched the joseph smith story and per usual i cried throughout the entire thing.
you should seriously watch it. its amazing. oh and the other day me and hna windsor street contacted some guy, we couldnt understand him at al lbecause he talked quietly and the cars were loud but luckily our teacher translated for us and it was so cool and i cant wait to get into the field and be able to talk to people. random question...did ethan chagne the background on the phone? he better not have. also the viejos are leaving tomorrow and its so crazy that that will be me in 4 weeks...FOUR WEEKS! craziness. the food here is amazing as usual and dad no, the rice will never top el camino. they serve all types of food. weve had hamburgers and fries and what not.
the chef is amazing and i love him. something random that i miss is singing in english...i havent acquired a love for spanish hymns yet haha. i just want the english words so i absoluetly love watching devotionals with english hymns. funny story so one of our teachers is pretty good ewith english but the ohter day he was like watch it. ive got eyes in my back and we were like...i think you mean in the back of my head and he was like no, i literally have eyes in my back hahaha.
it was the funniest thing. hes seriously the goofiest guy ever and he knows enough english to fake his accent sometimes and its great...like i said, its the little things. oh and i forgot to tell you this last time but you guys were right. they wont let me drink the water and so when we brush our teeth we have to use bottles. so hopefully i wont get sick while im here but thats very doubtful. everyone is sick like errday here. to end on a better note haha hna windsor was kind of going through a rough time but one of the elders in our district gave her a blessing and it was so beautiful and totally worked and yeah..the priesthood is real. im loving it here, i love you all!!

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