Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My good friends here at the ccm will not hear of me returnoing until im better but other than a headache, fever, cough, runny nose, and accoasional nausea, nothing muich is wrong with me. haha pride and prejudice? anyone?  honestly, i was sick and still am but im feeling a lot better today. everyone is sick here so its a miracle in and of itself that it didnt happen until the third week. did i mention i only have three weeks left?? thats so fast but also slow...itll be crazy when i actually leave for the field.


so not a whole lot is going on here. same old, same old really. weve been learning and practicing a lot. weve had a couple of really good lessons and its amazing how real the promises are in d&c that talk about how we shouldnt think beforehand what to say but open our mouths and the lord will fill them because its true. our last lesson went way off what we planned but it just flowed between us too. granted that theyre fake investigators, i really enjoy teaching. in fact, the two days i started feeling down were two days we didnt teach. its just such an ammazing feeling teaching the gopesl and i cant wait for the field. but i also prob wont be able to talk to them haha. i met this super awesome hna yesterday who kept complimenting my spanish so hopefully its improving.


great story!! so we were teaching these random people and our lady is some super active member. like super active. and we only met her 10 minutes and shared a message about the atonement and she taught us. she wrote our names down and told us that she would pray for us and for our families and investigators every friday in the temple for the rest of her life!!! shes in my mission but i will probably never see her again but i will never forget her. it was so awesome.


the viejos left last week and so we said a group prayer together where we all wen taround the circle and prayed and it was so amazing. it last forever and my knees were killing by the end haha but it was so awesome because the spirit was there and i realized were all in this together (hs musical) and we can support eachotehr and we can do it. oh and wehn the viejos left, we got ribs and a chocolate fountains...yes.


embarassing story, its been my dream to meet a general authority well the relief society liike first counselor came here and she was stading in the hallway talking to some girls and i totally walked right past her, had to ask her to move so i could get in the door and didnt say anything....im so dumb haha.


we went to walmart last saturday and the country is beautiful. i love the mountains. walmart was basically the same only missing a lot of stuff haha. we have no idea how lucky we are. its incredible. i love it here but i will never complain about america.


ive found a couple of people here that i have connections with. elder guiterrez in my district had a cousin in my byu ward. and his cousin roomed with this girl here hna esquerra (aka tiewa) and she was in my ward and theres an elder here who used to live in indiana so we talk about people we know haha. deportes is serioulsy such an awesome time. ive been sic,k so i havent been working out but me and 3 girls from my district just sit there and talk which is fun and a good time to relax. also people keep ruining stuff for us. like they popped one of the bballs and kicked the soccer ball out of the area and the volleyball. and we cant take pictures beccause they took inappropriate ones and were not supposed to write on boards bc they wrote bad stuff on there...smh. haha but its all good. once we get out in the field, we get to make our own decisions so thats nice.


the temple has been super awesome lately and im so super grateful to have it right next to us. hopefully when im in the field i get to go to it.


last funny story. the showers here are pretty short and theres an elder in my district who is like 6'7 and he says when he takes showers hes like buddy in the movie elf haha. its pretty funny. i dont have a ton of time. love you all. sorry this was so short!!

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