Friday, May 23, 2014

May 19, 2014
Dear Family,
So the big news of the week is that WE GOT CELLPHONES!!!!!! thats right. Guatemala got cellphones. Granted, its not my iphone, but it doesnt change the fact that I love it haha.  It seriously will help the work out so much, we wont have to waste so much time walking to someones house only for them not to be there. Or waste as much pisto calling people who dont pick up at public telephones.

We had an absolutely amazing zone conference this week, when we got our beloved cellphone. But seriously, I have been praying so hard in these days for Heavenly Father to help me. To help me to find the strength to get through our desafios and to be a better companion for my hija. I want her to have the best experience that she can. Literally my prayers are answered every day, with divisions or district meetings or videos of the church that we watch or my scriptures. But I just know Heavenly Father is here with us.

My hija is getting so much better with her spanish! She is participating in our lessons more and more and really coming along. She will randomly tell me soemthing we should do for our investigators and its so exciting because I know that she is thinking about them trhough the day. Its cool to see how excited she gets about the new experiences. It reminds me of when I started and its cool to get back that spirit.
The ward is starting to work a lot more with us. Now is the time to work with members, so I hope you all are helping out the missionaries, leaving with them and giving them references :) Also, this week was teh week of the family and so we had a bunch of activities in the building, where I learned a lot about the family. It was funny because they were talking about marriage a bunch and one hermana was like...alright...whos baggy? hahaha.

I cant believe I only have 9 months left...thats insane! I love this work, even when its hard. I feel closer to my Savior than I ever had before! Love you all! Happy birthday this week dad!!

May 12, 2014
Dear Family,

Welp, talked to you yesterday haha so I dont have a ton to say really except I have an investigator who is EXACTLY like Uncle Greg, like serioulsy exactly like him only he speaks spanish. I didnt know what to do, I was just like...what is this? haha. 

Also, today I met someone with the last name Bullough, an hermana, and it turns out she is a cousin of the Bulloughs from our ward! It was so crazy! And in her mission is an Elder Roach who has family in a stake in Indiana. It is a small Mormon world.

So Ill share with you a short thought. The mission has opened my eyes to a lot about myself. Like I am learning so much that I didnt even realize that I did. Some things I like, others not so much, but its interesting because soemtimes it makes me feel really down, but I read this scripture Ether 12:27 and its a scripture that I have always liked but I read it in a new way. The only way that we see our weaknesses is when we are closer to God, so when we see the things we are doing wrong, its because we are coming unto Him and getting closer to Him. So really, its a good thing, as long as we are willing to change. Change is hard, but it is possible! 
Also, with my spanish I have learned that I just rely on Heavenly Father, knowing that He will help me and He does. And I have to do that now with every single aspect of the work. I mean I was before, but with training, even more so. I am really just trying to grow my faith and get rid of all of my fear and doubts! 

Love you all! Hope you had good mothers days!


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