Monday, May 5, 2014


Okay well first off I have to start with some worldly things haha. I was eating in walmart the other day (it has a cafeteria...will never be going back there haha) but anyway discovery channel was on and I wasnt watching it persay but I did happen to see on their commercials that there are several new shows...are you watching them? haha. Also, i have decided that at times the mission is like going to open houses. You go to peoples houses to talk to them and they give you food. And I remember those days I just went home with a giant food baby and thats about everyday here, especially because theres an elder that we share the ward with who is going home on wednesday so a bunch of people invite him to eat and us too so we go and its so much food! haha
Onto a more spiritual note. We have this investigator and I mightve told you about him. His name is Jorge and he is a journalist and he is super duro, terco, i cant remember the word in english right now, forgive me. but anyway so the last couple of lessons he keeps relating his life to us and everything that happened and he has passed through some crazy, awful stuff, and he starts crying and then i start crying haha. But the last lesson was super spiritual because he said hes afraid of starting to find God again because everytime he makes a real effort, bad stuff happens, and hes afraid of losing his daughter and his mom. I was able to bear my testimony to him of eternity and how we have the ability to be able to be with our families forever if we do what were supposed to do which is the basis of everything I do in my life and it was one of those lessons that I wont ever forget. The spirit was there super strongly. I am so grateful for the knowledge that we have of the plan of salvation. It truly is an anchor to the soul. He came to a baptism on Sunday and my comp invited him to baptism to which he said he would pray about it. We will see what happens the next lesson.
So Hugo got baptized on Saturday!! Wooh!!! Well the baptism was supposed to start at 2 but he didnt show up until 4 But a little girl from the ward was also getting baptized that day so they went ahead and had hers at 3. And then on Sunday the elders had a baptism in the morning. It was super awesome to have the baptisms like that in a row because it was something I needed. Everything we do here is for that moment. The rest are only steps to get to that moment. I loved the spirit that is always in the baptisms! But Hugo gave his testimony at the end and was like Satan didnt want me to be here today, he put a lot of obstacles in my path but I made it here, even if it was 2 hours late. He said he felt an emptiness in his life that was filled when he started coming to church. I am grateful that I get the chance be here and experience these moments with these people.

Love you all, have great weeks!


Okay so this week was the Semana Santa and so all of the members were like its going to be so hard, you poor things and it was just like...thanks haha. But our zone leaders were like no, you guys are going to have a good week, a week of success. So i think I told you that last week they set the goal of 18 news and we found 19! It was a pretty awesome to see that when we tried to keep our spirits up that we were able to have a successful week despite the fact that seriously, all of our citas fell haha because no one was at home. They celebrate easter for an entire week and all go to the beach and what not, well if they have money. My area here, we have people with some serious pisto (money), like they live in gated communities where you can only enter if you have a cita with that person before hand. There are several places here where we have to give our copies of our passports to enter, but then we have the poorer parts too.

So on Saturday we called our investigator that is bgetting baptized this saturday (wooh!) but he didnt pick up. and then our phone ran out of minutes (seriously idk what it is about guatemala but nobody ever has minutes on their phone) so we couldnt call him more. we left the house early and went to bring him to church but nobody came to the door. It was disappointing because we were doing everything we could, but nothing, so we get to church and I am just sitting there silently praying that he will come. And a minute into chruch starting, I see him booking it on his little bike and I cant tell you how happy I was! It is seriously the best feeling ever, knowing that another child of God is coming unto Him through baptism and ahhhh!!!

We watched a video on Wednesday about the Atonement and missionary work and I love it. President Eyring said that everytime he thinks about taking a well deserved break, He thinks about the Savior and how even after He died, He preached in teh spirit world until He was resurrected. And President Holland says that missionary work isnt easy because savlation isnt a cheap experience. Why would we ever think it would be easy for us when it was never easy for Him? I loved it because I am proud to be a representative of Christ. I am happy for all of my trials as a missionary and a person because it helps me to understand Him better. I know He lives and I know thorugh Him we can gain exaltation. I know He has given us the way to gain that.

I love you all have great weeks!

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