Monday, January 13, 2014

So first things first. I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM THIS WEEK!!! ahhh! It was so awesome! So to prepare her we had to visit her every single day during the week. Thursday to Sunday. More than a week straight haha, but thats okay because she still likes us fortunately. After her interview for the baptism, she wanted to leave with us to visit people. Thats the third time. She totally wants to go on a mission. I cant wait to see that haha. But the baptism was so awesome. A bunch of people showed up, and afterwards she was crying and she just hugged us and said gracias. Ahhh! It was so incredible. Moments like those make everything worth it. Every hard day doesnt matter.

This week started out slowish. My comp and I were both super stressed out because we felt like we were trying but werent meeting a lot of our goals. We would set plans that just wouldnt work out, but we just kept working hard and we ended up seeing how much the Lord helped us out. At the end of the week, our dats (numbers for everything) ended up being way better than we thought they would be and we had had some really good lessons with a couple of new investigators. Two of which have baptismal dates for February :) Gosh I hope I dont have changes from this area!! But really it just helped me grow in my testimony of that even during the super hard times He is always there helping us and guiding us and we look back and cant remember why it was hard for all of the blessings that there were. 

We found out yesterday that we are getting a new bishop...our bishop is moving. This is pretty shocking because there are about 6 men in our ward who have the priesthood and no one knows who is going to be the new bishop, but we will see. The bishops wife is super happy because she doesnt like how hot it is here haha. 

I hope that everything is going well at home :) Love you alL! Have great weeks!

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