Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dear Family,
This week was super crazy! okay so monday is pday. Tuesday, I left the area for divisions. Okay side story on that, we visted a woman whos son left on the mission a month ago and she just needed someone to listen to her really haha. she was like im so happy for him, but i am sad at the same time. and weve never been seperated for so long and it was so flipping cute! and sad. and it made me think of you guys and i love you all so much :) thanks for always supporting me!
okay, so wednesday we had a conference with president and hermana crapo and two other zones. it was the christmas conference. we watached iron will. do you guys remember that movie? we were all being so super dramatic haha like NOOOOO when somehting bad happened or laughing at parts that are only slightly funny because well, i havent seen a movie in a year. but it was good to be with everyone. we didnt get to our area until like 6pm though. then on thursday we had interviews with president and i love interviews! we left the house a little bit earlier to work but not much happened then the interviews went on for a while longer than planned...also didnt leave until like 6pm. friday we have planning in the morning and had to finish the plans for a baptism of a girl on saturday. we painted a house to give service and then its like 730 and we are both just like...what have we done this week? feeling kind of down like nothing is going right, we havent been able to work really. so we walk by a house and we hear this kid crying and im concerned for this kid so we decide to knock, they let us in. and 6 people accept a baptismal date!!! it was such a miralce!!!! ahhhh it was crazy!!!! Heavenly Father really lets us go sometimes until we are at a breaking point and then He gives us the promised blessings to see if we really trust in Him. 
I forgot to tell you guys last week...well maybe not. I dont remember. when i did divisions last week I got to visit a woman who had been inactive when we started visiting her and now she is the first counselor in the relief society :) (for those of you who dont know...its a leadership position in the chruch) and ahhhH! i cant tell you how happy I was!
i would send you gusy pictures because i have a ton but this interent place is sketchy and my computer has a virus so im not risking it haha. 
have excellent Christmases :) I will talk with you guys in like 4 days! wooh! haha. love you guys!!!!
Dear Family,
Sooooo this week was a good week :) I was able to do divisions with a girl who JUST started the mission. So cute to see haha, but she really didnt seem super lost like I am sure I looked. Maybe because she speaks spanish? I dont know, but regardless it was fun to work with her! and i also got to do another division in my first area with a girl from my group from the CCM! i love going to my first area :) It is so fun seeing the members, especially because they remembre me! But its fun to see the growth that we have both had.
This week was also a follow the spirit week, but seriously like we had so many experiences this week where following the spirit really made the difference. When we felt like we needed to do something, just doing it. We were able to meet several different people that seem super awesome, to give service, and to receive references. Like today in the bus we contacted this lady and she was like im a member, but hey! I have a reference for you guys! My dad lives in your area! It was so awesome to see.
This week we will have a zone conference with our president! I hope that we watch meet the mormons. Thats what the rumor is anyway. I hope so. And then we have interviews with president! This week is going to FLY by! seriously, i cant beilve how fast everything is going. the new year is basically here and i feel like i was just writing down my goals for the years! 
Oh and (with the permission of our zone leaders) WE CROSSED A RIVER! haha. but okay, it came up to our calves but its the fastest way to get to an investigators house. 
Our recent convert Hermano Guerra....I just love him haha. We usually come and pick him up but this Sunday we couldnt. Sacrament starts and he isnt there and I was like nooooo. But then right as theyre passing the Santa Cena, in he walks! Hes just this cute little old man haha.
I hope you guys are seeing the stuff for He is the Gift. Its so awesome and I hope that you are sharing it on facebook and with everyone. Look it up! and share it POR FAVOR! 
I hope that you guys are having great weeks and not stressing out about Christmas. We will get to talk in a couple of weeks! :) love you guys a lot!!
dear family,
so this week was crazy and it didnt go as well as we mightve hoped but you know, it happens. itll be better next week :) i am super excited though because on tuesday we went to the capital and we had our conference with president and it was so awesome! we talked about Christ and representing Him during the navidad and i am just super happy! I love the new campaign He is the Gift because He is the gift...He was given to us as a gift from God. I cant imagine that type of love and I just want to work even harder for it!
So on Saturday we sang as a zone hymns in the park and it was a lot of fun...the only people who really watched us were members already but the important part is that now we know what to do better next year so that people come and listen to us and what not! it was a lot of fun though! Oh and while i was in the capital...we took a piture with Santa hahaha...yep.
I have learned this week that missionary work is about progress. We do something, we see what didnt work, and we make it better the next time. Its like life really haha. And we are just looking for the people when they are in the stage of accepting the restored gospel.
Im sorry i dont have a lot to tell haha, but our recent convert Hermano Guerra was ready when we came by and just like waiting for the car to pass by for him! it was so cute! and then he recieved the priesthood on sunday! awww! haha
Love you guys!!!!
Okay, before I forget...you should all look up Refiner´s Fire. It is the video of Kim Martin...super powerful.
So this week was super awesome!!!! We were able to work a lot with all of the changes because we had full days Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! Woohoo! But yeah, we were able to find a lot of new investigators. AND we had a baptism!!! Hermano Guerra got baptized! He is 74 years old haha. He was super happy too. The guy who baptized him is a recent convert and almost hit Hermano Guerras head on the font wall...but thats okay haha because he didnt! It was just a super special baptism because we saw how Heavenly Father really prepared this man. He knew that it was something he should do and did it. Then on Sunday oh my heck, he almost didnt get confirmed. He was super sick with this dumb chingchanguya (i dont know how to spell it but everyone and their cat has it around here...im fine, dont worry). We were like but hermano...you have to get the spirit. you can go for one hour and then we will bring you back to your house (well us no, but an hermana with a car) and he was like okay, just let me get ready. He came! and then he stayed the other two hours! It was so awesome :)
So its gotten cold around here and our water has the tendency to go away from our house so we have to take showers outside from water from the pila. Let me just tell you...that water is cold, even more so than the water in the house. I have officially gotten used to cold showers although i dont know if I could where there is snow...
I am just super happy right now. I feel like I have learned a lot in the mission, and even though I still have A TON to work on, I hope that I have changed for the better at least slightly. The mission has been the best decision I have ever made. 
I love you all! Hope you have fun getting ready for Christmas! Watch the english version of Navidad.mormon.org. i would imagine its called he is the gift.
Dear Family,
So first off...they bought my plane ticket and called to confirm that I wouldnt be extending and Im like OH MY GOSH!!! I STILL HAVE TIME!!! but i just cant believe that they bought it so stinking early.
ANYWAYS! this week are cambios BUT, we dont have any!!!! wooohooo!!! I am so excited becaue I didnt want changes. I love my companion and Christmas is coming up and I love the zone and I love being able to do divisions with the hermanas and I feel like I have things to accomplish in this ward still. So I was very happy that we didnt have any. My companion and I both have little Christmas trees so that we are going to decorate the house with and we might buy other little things to decorate. I love Christmas! haha. 
So this week, oh goodness. We did 3 divisions. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It was exhausting haha, but really good too! I like being able to divisions, but the weeks go by super quickly when we do that! One of our divisions, the girl got sick so we came back to the house for like 3 hours and oh goodness, I was going stir crazy. I read Jesus the Christ for like 2 hours and cleaned and I was like I NEED TO LEAVE THE HOUSE AND WORK! haha. Im gonna be crazy when I get home. So just a forewarning. But luckily her fever went down so we were able to leave and work.
We have an investigator Hermano Guerra who is going to get baptized this Saturday and he is so awesome! He is pretty old and honestly doesnt retain things very quickly at all, so we teach him kind of like a child, but he really wants to be baptized. I am super excited for his baptism though this Saturday :)
I hope that you all have great weeks, I love you all! And happy birthday to Kenna :)

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