Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Welp, a lot has changed here in the zone! new zone leader, new district leader, new elder in our ward! Its crazy, but its been good!

Its also starated to rain again. It was pretty dry for about a month and then last night we were knocking on a door and i heard this sound and i was like...hna i think thats rain and we look over and you can hear the rain pounding on all the roofs and its getting louder and louder and we were like ahhhhh get your rain jacket and so as im trying to do that, the phone falls out and were scrambling around and acting dumb haha and these people are watching us from across the street and are like hey!  come here so we went inside so we coudl get everything together and we contacted them and talked to them a little and it was super cool because God gave us this perfect finding opportunity with two girls our age and they were like yeah, sure! come back! so we shall see :)

We have this investigator named Jely and we were going to drop her but we went back one more time to tell her and she was SO INTERESTED. like she had a ton of questions about te book of mormon and she was like yeah, i want to read it more and figure out if its true and can i bring my husbadn adn kids to chruch too and were like...um yes, yes you can haha. they didnt end up being able to come but it was still nice because i think next sunday they should be able to.

I have learned a lot that happiness doesnt come from your cirumstances. Sometimes i have the tendency to think that because of my circumstnces, i dont desrve to be happy and its just so not true. I love that God has made this plan so that we are happy. I have learned that a lot this past week, and i htink i am improving a lot to not get so down so quicly. my comp is never upset. in like 3 months, i have seen her upset like 3 times and shes in the beginning of the mission, which is iwhen people are usualy the most upset haha. shes been great for me!
my birthday was good! ate lots of cake and spaghetti from pizza hut! but it was weird not talking to you guys. it felt like a normal day, only now i feel super old. no longer a teenager. oh well, life goes on. 

Well, i love you all and i hope you have great weeks :)

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