Thursday, August 22, 2013

Adding a couple logistical details and addressing some of the questions I've received:
   1. If you send mail you will need to get an international stamp from the post office. (Ashtin expects lots of mail)
   2. Ashtin has no phone while she is on her mission.  Her brother actually is using her phone and number now, so if you call or text expect a goofy response.  She will be able to call her family on Christmas and Mothers Day (yes Fathers Day gets the shaft) but that is it for phone calls.
   3. Ashtin will only have access to email for about 40 minutes, once a week and it will mostly be limited to family.  She has a special email address and will not be looking at her other email accounts.
   4. A friend will be maintaining her Facebook account as best as possible so you can also look there for updates, but Ashtin will not be able look at it. (as far as I know right now)
   5. At the moment, she is in Guatemala City going through her 6 week training, learning her Missionary duties as well as the language.  After that she will move around about every 6 weeks to a new location in Guatemala.  Most of her territory appears to be somewhat rural but we'll find out for sure when she gets sent out to the field.

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